Add value to your business quick, easy and without any effort from your side.


Easily display your products

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Personalize your assets

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Tailor made experiences

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Easy to implement

Connecting to our API is quick and easy. 


We provide a unique key to connect with our API



Paste this in your CMS where you would like the assets to appear


Hit Publish and see your products come to life!


Our viewer displays your digital assets.


Our configurator customizes your products for an optimal personal experience.

Mockup Experience


Your 3D assets can also be used in tailor made solutions such as custom web applications, augmented and virtual reality. We work with the best agencies to create unique experiences.

  • Unique experience
  • Web, AR and VR solutions 
  • Distinguishes you from the competition!
  • Pricing on request

SaaS solution

Our API helps you to display your products online, in apps or any other desired touchpoint such as AR and VR.

Your assets are safely stored and can be viewed on every platform, in all browsers and on any device.

We guarantee a 99,9% availability of your products and make sure that they will stay available over time.

Primary Colour


  • License per month
  • Unlimited storage
  • Viewer included
  • Pay per view

Asset creation

We can also create digital assets of your products.


We use any available source file of your product, or start with a scan on location.


Leo Scanner Trans3

Digital Twin

We then take your product through our 270 process and transform it into a digital asset.


Tasuv Web


Finally we connect to our API, and your asset comes to life on any device.


Tas Web2